Sketching in Japan

Tue, Mar 20, 2018

Two schoolchildren, Tokyo

Two schoolchildren, Tokyo

Although I was working most of the time when I visited Japan last year I did manage to pop in to a couple of excellent museums and I spent some snatched moments taking a few photographs and doing a spot of sketching.

Hence this quick drawing I did in the street, walking down towards Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji Temple. It’s not in my usual style but I was aiming for a sort of Japanese vernacular - think HergĂ© out of Hasui Kawase.

This summer, Helen and I are trying to sort out the most efficient travelling sketch kits. It’s inevitable, if you draw at all, that you accumulate hundreds of pens and pencils, always looking for that elusive ideal tool that will make all your drawings wonderful. And I expect we’ll be a bit loaded down with kit during our days out so we need to travel as light as possible. I’m thinking two or three pens, an 8-colour watercolour kit and some water pens.

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