Saxonis Houses & Saxonis Villa, Papigko

Wed, Aug 17, 2022

In 2022, planning a holiday in Greece, we booked a room in the small town of Papigko, at a place called Saxonis Houses. We were due to stay there from Wed 3rd Aug - Sunday 7th Aug 2022.

We arrived at Saxonis Houses in the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd. There was no-one to welcome us or check us in but we had a phone number so we called it and the owner, Vasilis, answered and said he’d be along soon.

We had booked what Saxonis Houses describes on as a ‘Large Twin’ room. The booking confirmation we’d received from described this room as being 323 ft², with a patio and a mountain view. Amenities included a kettle.

Vasilis, when he arrived, showed us instead to a room type described on as ‘Classic Double’ - considerably smaller, at 269 ft², with no mountain view and no patio. And with no kettle. And a dirty bathroom.

We objected that this wasn’t the room we had booked. Vasilis claimed we were mistaken, that the room he’d shown us to was the one we’d booked, and that anyway all the rooms cost the same. That was an outright lie. We showed him the rooms on - the one he’d led us to and the one we’d actually booked. Different rooms, different sizes, different descriptions, different amenities, different prices.

For 30 minutes or so we argued with Vasilis, who disappeared several times, leaving us trying to contact him on the phone. His wife, who we managed to speak to, agreed quickly that the room was not what we’d booked and offered us a discount - but by then we’d decided we couldn’t possibly stay in a place run by Vasilis, who was so ready to cheat, to lie, and to offer no help. We booked an alternative not too far away. We spent another half hour demanding a repayment - something Vasilis seemed unable to do, but which his wife managed to sort out.

If you read the lower-starred reviews for Saxonis Houses carefully you’ll see that others have mentioned this bait-and-switch trick. It seems Vasilis tries to cheat in this way ot infrequently. For instance, here are a couple of reviews on

  • We were out in a room that included a common space so we never knew when staff would enter the room. We did not book this style of room
  • La notation est difficile, car la réservation d’1 nuitée ne correspondait pas du tout à la chambre demandée, qui devait comprendre 2 pièces et une cuisine [The rating is difficult, because the reservation of 1 night did not correspond at all to the room requested, which was to include 2 rooms and a kitchen]

I suggest you don’t book Saxonis Houses unless you’d like to take pot luck with what seems to be a scam

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